Friday, February 17, 2017
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How to Get Connected


Join the Mifflin County Connect group for FREE and get started with networking not only with VMC but other local groups online.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is Mifflin County Connect?
A: Basically, it is online business networking group hosted by Join up to get tips on improving your social media exposure. There is no commitment, it's free and you can leave the group at any time. We also offer some nice promotions for those that would like exchange links and promotional material.

Q: What are your goals?
A: Our primary goals are to increase the presence of all businesses and organizations that are in or around Mifflin County. We look to increase communication and provide an environment in which information can be shared and help you build relationships and referral networks within our community.

Q: Do you have an exclusive clause?
A: Absolutely not. Any business can join the group regardless of the other members in the group.

Q: Do you have physical meetings?
A: Not currently but we do not rule out the possibility down the road that we could.

Q: Do you have dues or fees?
A: No we do not. That is the beauty of the digital age, no overhead equals no cost to members.

Q: Do you compete with other businesses or organizations in the area with your program and directory?
A: There are similar programs in the area, mainly the Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Lewistown Inc and Big Valley Bus. Assoc to name a few; however, VMC is all about the web aspect, social networking and higher end technologies. While we do cross over in some areas, each service offers its own unique aspect in getting the word out about your business or organization. I would highly suggest you check each one out on your own and see what they have to offer. We work with these groups to actually help them and support what they do in the community. It's just nice to be a good neighbor and that's what the program is about.

Q: Where can I join?
A: Our primary venue to communicate is located at which is a easy way to get to our LinkedIn group. LinkedIn is a site for professionals and if you don't have an account already, you should. Send a request to join the group and your in! Simple as that. Feel free to email me, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or if you need help.

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